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亚搏直播App色版|补时遭绝平德国队老毛病继续 场外“一地鸡毛”全是糟心事儿

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The warm-up match has always been the stage for Loew to inspect the newcomers, and the game against Turkey is also the case. The German coach sent many substitutes, and the young player Neuhaus of Monchengladbach completed his national team debut. The game itself did not have too many highlights, and even the focus of the media was not on the game itself: the headquarters of the German Football Association was raided by the inspection department in the morning, leaving chicken feathers on the floor; and the epidemic outside the stadium clearly formed the next game in Germany. A lot of trouble, this is more important than a meaningless friendly match.


The game was played in Cologne, which is less than an hour’s drive from Duisburg, the “Turk’s capital of Germany”. Although the German Football Association only approved 300 tickets for the game, a large number of Turkish fans went outside to help out. This really makes the German police nervous. Cologne is not considered the hardest hit area of ​​the new crown epidemic, but the number of infections per 100,000 people in 7 days has reached 39.6 people, which exceeds the standard line of empty games. The ability to grant 300 tickets is already the beginning of the German Football Association.


Moreover, the Turks in Germany did not abide by the epidemic prevention rules as much as the Germans. The spread of the epidemic in Germany is mostly related to the local Turks: at the end of September, a Turkish wedding in the Hamm region of North Rhine-Westphalia caused 2,500 people to be quarantined; September 25 After a Turkish wedding in Berlin, at least 48 people were diagnosed in early October. The bride and groom danced with 350 guests. No one was wearing masks... Therefore, for the German police, the match caused a huge gathering of Turkish fans. , May be far more terrifying than one or two weddings.

此外,德国的土耳其人没有像德国人那样遵守防疫规则。该病在德国的蔓延主要与当地的土耳其人有关:9月底,在北莱茵-威斯特法伦州哈姆地区的一次土耳其婚礼导致2,500人被隔离; 9月25日在柏林举行土耳其婚礼后,10月初至少有48人被确诊。新娘和新郎与350位来宾共舞。没有人戴着口罩...因此,对于德国警察来说,这场比赛引起了土耳其球迷的大聚会。 ,可能比一两个婚礼更可怕。

The German team itself was also affected by the epidemic. Fortunately, Gundogan was discovered early, isolated early, and did not participate in the German team's training camp at all, otherwise all German team players will become close contacts. The infection of a descendant of Turkey like Gundogan also proves that the previous worries of the police are by no means a fuss.


The game was very lively, but the goal was either the opponent's mistake or the foul first, and the wrong entry and exit even had limited role in training. Turkey's Tufan scored twice, Karaman made a lore before the end, and the German team playing in the B-line relied on the three goals of Draxler, Neuhaus and Waldschmidt to shake hands with their opponents. To make peace, this kind of friendly match has become the norm for the Love national team.


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Germany’s next opponent is Ukraine. Two players from the country’s strong team Shakhtar Donetsk tested positive. As a result, six Ukrainian players were unable to play against Germany. Three Ukrainian goalkeepers were diagnosed with the new crown. Shevchenko has retired for many years and is currently serving. The national team assistant Schovkowski (45 years old) asked to come out as the main goalkeeper, which makes the next battle of Dewu seem somewhat trivial. From the chaos in Ukrainian football, we can also judge how serious the domestic epidemic in Ukraine is.

德国的下一个对手是乌克兰。来自该国强大球队顿涅茨克(Shakhtar Donetsk)的两名球员测试为阳性。结果,六名乌克兰选手无法与德国队对抗。三名乌克兰守门员被诊断出新皇冠。舍甫琴科已退休多年,目前正在任职。国家队助理肖夫科夫斯基(45岁)要求出任主要门将,这使得德乌的下一场战斗显得微不足道。从乌克兰足球的混乱中,我们还可以判断乌克兰的国内流行病有多严重。

According to the arrangement of the German Football Association, after playing Ukraine, the German team will return to Cologne from Kiev on Monday. The German team can prepare for the next game against Switzerland without being isolated. This is of course a special case, because now Ukraine has been listed as an infected area by the German side and must be quarantined when returning from Ukraine, but it is really quarantined and there is no need to play against the Swiss team. The German sports station joked that Loew could send the players who played today's game against Turkey to Ukraine and keep the players against Switzerland in Cologne to reduce the risk of infection of the entire team. The various German clubs are also worried, for fear that the players and the national team will be infected with the virus. The importance of each team's international in the club is self-evident.


The Swiss team that Germany will face next Tuesday is also deeply troubled by the new crown epidemic. Shaqiri has tested positive and has been quarantined. The Swiss team's Dortmund player Akangi also tested positive before the game against Croatia on Wednesday night. Those infected with symptoms have also been isolated. However, because Akanji has already followed the Swiss team for training, his teammates should be considered close contacts. It is still unknown whether more Swiss players will be infected.


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